Washington State Recycling

Recycle Techs offers a secure and cost-effective way to get rid of your retired computers and other office equipment safely while conforming to EPA standards. Most electronics recycled through Recycle Techs will be demanufactured a Washington State assigned facility. Starting January 2nd 2009 Recycle Techs will be working with Washington state to provide free computer tower, monitor, and television recycling to Washington residents and qualifying businesses. Please visit our residential and corporate recycling pages for more info.

Due to the cheap or no recycling cost all residential pickups must be dropped off at our valley store. Businesses that qualify for the recycling program can have their equipment picked up. A pickup charge may apply. Please call for details. Please drop off medium to large e-waste donations at 6810 E. Appleway Blvd. in the Spokane Valley. Our north location does not have the capacity to handle truckloads of equipment. Thank you.

Business and residential recycling:

Items recycled for FREE:
Cables, cords and surge protection
Motherboard and other circuitry
Internal components in computer towers ( hard drives, cd drives, power supplies ect.)
Networking switches, routers switches
Keyboards and Mice
Most server Racks

Printers and Fax Machines:
Printers and fax machines are items that are difficult to recycle properly. We will not accept printers, copiers, fax machines etc. from residential or drop off customers. We will pick up from printers from businesses for a charge of $.40 per lb. We currently will not pickup copiers.

Items recycled for a charge:
All other items not listed above could have a recycle charge. If we can not properly recycle your items then we will not accept them.

Items we do not recycle:
Home and car audio
Anything not computer related

Costs or credits for recycling :
Items dropped off or picked up that still have good recycle value like newer towers and monitors can be credited towards data destruction, pickup charges or other item recycling costs.

Business and Residential dropoff information:
TVs and medium to large recycle loads must be taken to our Spokane Valley facility at 6810 E. Appleway Blvd. We can take small loads (a few towers and monitors) at our North Spokane Store. Our north location does not have the capacity to handle truckloads of equipment.

Local Business Pickup Information:

We can pickup medium to large computer recycles within 30 miles around Spokane, Washington. We have a 16' box truck with the ability to move up to 8 pallets at a time. Pickup and recycle fees may apply.

If you would like us to pick up your equipment please fill out a Local Pick-up Form and please list the date that you would like us to be there.  We will do our best to work around your schedule. 
Not sure how to palletize your monitors? Click on this link for step by step directions.

Hard Drive Security Options :

Hard drive Sanitizing:
At Recycle Techs we take data removal very seriously. We understand the importance of securely removing all data from all hard drives to keep our clients and their customer's information confidential. That is why we offer a secure way to destroy your information before disposal.  We use professional software that removed the data and writes over the disk.  We DO NOT format which is proven to not remove data. We have 4 different data removal options:

Single-pass quick sanitize method ($3.99):
A quick, single-pass sanitize method, that overwrites all disk data with zero characters.  This type of sanitizing is able to stop all software recovery tools (un-format and un-erase tools, low level disk editors, etc.) from recovering the original data stored on disk.  This is the U.S. Department of Defense approved method for clearing disks, but not for sanitizing disks with secret information.

Triple-pass Navy standards method ($6.99 per drive):
A three pass sanitize method conforming to Navy Staff Office Publication #5239 and Information Systems Security (INFO SEC) Program Guidelines, which is issued by the Naval Information Systems Management Center.

Seven-pass DOD sanitizing method ($9.99 per drive):
A high security seven pass sanitize method performed to the U.S. Department of Defense standards (DOD 5220.22-M).  With more federal regulations being passed to protect customer information, large institutions and small businesses will need to securely destroy all sensitive data from storage devices using this method.

Shredding sanitizing method ($9.99 per drive):
The highest form of sanitizing.  Each hard drive is rendered unusable and shredded beyond recognition.

Please contact us with a list of items needed to be recycled for a quote. Terms and fees could change without notice. For a list of our in-store computer services please click the "In-Store Services" tab on the left side of the page.