CRT Monitor Palletizing

Properly palletizing a load of monitors is very important to both you and us. You will be able to maximize the amount of monitors being shipped per each truck load thus saving you extra shipping costs. This also limits the amount of damage that the products will get during the shipping process.The steps below will properly show how to get 27 monitors on a pallet without damaging them. All you will need is a standard size pallet and a roll of good quality

Step 1:

Start with a standard 4' pallet and place a piece of cardboard on the top.

Step 2:
Stack 9 monitors face down onto the pallet. 17" or larger monitors will need to have the bases (monitor stands) removed on the middle row. If you have more than one size of monitors stack the larger ones on the bottom row. Try to make every level as flat a possible.

Step 3:
add enough cardboard on the top to cover all the monitors.

Step 4:
Add a second row of 9 monitors exactly the same as the second step.

Step 5:
Add another piece of cardboard on top of the second row. Make sure that it covers all the monitors. Multiple pieces of cardboard might be needed

Step 6:
Add the last row of 9 monitors to the pallet. Try to stack them to where they are as sturdy as possible.

Step 7:
Wrap the pallet securely by using a good quality pallet wrap and tightly unroll it around the monitors. Multiple wraps around each layer will be needed to keep the monitors from shifting during shipping. The more pallet wrap that you use the more stable the pallet will be. This pallet is now ready to be shipped.