Recycle Techs Policy


All Clients must agree to these terms:

Products signed over to Recycle Techs must be free and clear of any liens, claims, or encumbrances.

Recycle Techs is given the right to sell, service, and dispose of the equipment at our discretion.  All asset tags and other prior owner identifications will be removed.  All non-salvageable equipment will be disposed of to EPA Specifications.

Recycle Techs is not responsible for any costs in shipping your equipment to or from our facility.  

Recycle Techs is not responsible for lost or damaged equipment that occurs during the shipping process.  All claims must be filed with the shipping company.

All cash back credits will be issued at the end of each year or at negotiated date of both parties.

All debts owed to Recycle Techs must be paid within stated or negotiated date of both parties.  All outstanding debts over 60 days from bill date will be turned into collection.

Recycle Techs is not responsible for software or data lost after the drive is securely wiped. Once a drive is securely wiped, all data will be unrecoverable.  Please transfer all important documents before the unit reaches our facility. 

Recycle Techs does not accept pirated or copied software. All software received must have a valid CD key and registrations must be transferable.

All legal disputes concerning Recycle Techs will be governed by the laws of the State of Washington.