Secure Data Removal

At Recycle Techs we take data removal very seriously. We understand the importance of securely removing all data from all hard drives to keep our clients and their customer's information confidential. That is why we offer a secure way to destroy your information before disposal.  We use professional software that removed the data and writes over the disk.  We DO NOT format which is proven to not remove data. We have 4 different data removal options:

Single-pass wipe ($3.99 per drive):
A quick, single-pass sanitize method, that overwrites all disk data with zero characters.  This type of sanitizing is able to stop all software recovery tools (un-format and un-erase tools, low level disk editors, etc.) from recovering the original data stored on disk.  This is the U.S. Department of Defense approved method for clearing disks, but not for sanitizing disks with secret information.

Triple-pass Navy standards method ($6.99 per drive):
A three pass sanitize method conforming to Navy Staff Office Publication #5239 and Information Systems Security (INFO SEC) Program Guidelines, which is issued by the Naval Information Systems Management Center.

Seven-pass DOD sanitizing method ($9.99 per drive):
A high security seven pass sanitize method performed to the U.S. Department of Defense standards (DOD 5220.22-M).  With more federal regulations being passed to protect customer information, large institutions and small businesses will need to securely destroy all sensitive data from storage devices using this method.

Shredding sanitizing method ($9.99 per drive):
The highest form of sanitizing.  Each hard drive is rendered unusable and shredded beyond recognition.

If the drive fails to work and needs to be disposed of, the drive will be shredded or rendered unusable before leaving our facility.  Once a drive is securely wiped, all data will be unrecoverable.  Please transfer all important documents before the unit reaches our facility.  Recycle Techs is not responsible for data lost after the drive is securely wiped.  The sanitize prices are for recycled computers only.