About Recycle Techs

Spokane Valley Store 6810 E. Appleway Blvd.

Recycle Techs is a Washington State approved computer recycling company located in Spokane, Washington. We specializing in used computer sales and recycling.  Our goal is to get the full life out of each product, then properly dispose of it when it  has outlived its usefulness.  Proper disposal is regulated by city, state, and federal EPA regulations.  

Most of the computers we recycle have outlived their productivity in one environment but are still in demand  elsewhere.  There are still many homes and facilities in desperate need of such equipment.  Our job is to repair and redistribute each computer to get its full use.  

We recycle our equipment to minimize the environmental impact from improper disposal practices.  It is no longer legal to dispose of equipment at your local dump or landfill.  Computers, monitors, and other electronics have toxic metals that can leach into the soil causing serious problems to our environment.  What we do is redistribute working equipment and properly dispose of broken and unfixable equipment.   With these practices we feel that we can make a difference by offering an alternative solution to simply dumping your equipment. 

North Spokane Store 3601 N. Nevada St.